Executive Board

President:Barbara Dallaopresident@mastermanhsa.org
Vice President:Michal Leventhal (non-voting)vp1@mastermanhsa.org
Vice President:Vacantvp2@mastermanhsa.org
Treasurer:Alecia Burke (acting)treasurer@mastermanhsa.org
Corresponding SecretaryMichele Dittocorresponding@mastermanhsa.org
Recording Secretary:Darron Carpenterrecording@mastermanhsa.org

Standing Committee Chairs (voting)

Academic Affairs:Yvonne Claytonacademicaffairs@mastermanhsa.org
Auction:Michele Ditto, Heather Morrisonauction@mastermanhsa.org
Beautification:Fritz Dietelbeautification@mastermanhsa.org
High School Liaison:Madhu Narulahighschoolliaison@mastermanhsa.org
Hospitality:Sam Khalifa, Faith McCrayhospitality@mastermanhsa.org
Library:Jennifer Sorentino, Amy Weidnerlibrary@mastermanhsa.org
Logo Sales:Ray MaisanologoSales@mastermanhsa.org
Membership:Anna Padulamembership@mastermanhsa.org
Middle School Liaison:Erin Cowen, Stephanie Griffinmiddleschoolliaison@mastermanhsa.org
Rooftop and Open Spaces:Avigail Milderrooftop@mastermanhsa.org
Social:Lucia Rosassocial@mastermanhsa.org
Staff Luncheon:Judy Sheltonstaffluncheon@mastermanhsa.org
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism:Saterria Kersey, Max Pistillidiversity@mastermanhsa.org
Fun, Fitness and Friendship:April Dunlapfun@mastermanhsa.org
Mutual Aid:Rob Khuranamutualaid@mastermanhsa.org


Principal: Jessica Brown

Assistant Principal: Michelle Harrison and Tonya Broussard

Teacher Liaison for Middle School: Marjorie Brunner

Teacher Liaison for High School: Kathryn Smith

The J.R. Masterman Home and School Association is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan organization for the promotion of cooperation between home, school and community. It coordinates efforts of staff and parents for the growth, education and development of children. It raises funds to further the goals of the school as determined by the association. HSA meetings are open to all Masterman parents or guardians, whether or not they sit on a committee or hold an elected position. In accordance with our Bylaws, the President, two Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer are elected by members of the Home and School Association. The Principal is an active participant in the Home and School Association.

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